Win Prime Opportunities

Establish a reputation for delivering results and always be a top pick to lead or join the most prestigious assignments.

As more companies invest in RFP operations, are you staying ahead of the curve in this demanding, deadline-driven environment?

Understanding how to develop and implement winning pursuit strategies, how to create value in the eye of the buyer value, resolve challenges along the way and build a high-performing team is crucial to win competitive tenders, setting yourself, teams and organisation up for success. 


Expert input, best practices and strategic coaching on multinational and cross-border sales opportunities. Advising and coaching on revenue enhancement strategies, tactics and behaviours, including powerful client engagements, presentations and negotiations.

Pursuit Coaching

Expert input at key points: opportunity analysis and ascertaining the clients’ needs, assessing the RFQ, resource planning, developing a strategy to win, client stakeholder analysis, competitor assessment, identifying key win themes and messages, storyboarding the proposal and proposal review and challenge.

Shaping The Team

Mobilising and aligning your pursuit teams and consortiums to win strategic sales opportunities and deliver the project. Developing a high performing team culture and handling group-based dynamics by putting in place interpersonal and rapport-building skills.

Presentations & Orals

Being a more confident and persuasive presenter opens doors. We assist you in preparing for your client engagements, meetings, interviews and orals – and we coach individuals of your pursuit teams on how to deliver an impactful presentation.

Why Choose Us?

We love what we do and it shows in everything we do!

We listen and we know when to collaborate and when to lead, are straight-talking, reflective and seek and understanding of how you are perceived still disrupt and challenge when needed. Our clients always come first and we always have people’s best interests at heart, even when the going gets tough. 

Utilising 20+ years of success in business development, strategic sales and the world of pursuits across countries and cultures and adding  our coaching expertise to the mix, creates give us an edge so that you and your teams can positively impact business results. 

We will tailor our approach so it fits your needs and adopt industry standard approaches where appropriate.

You End Up With:



Allow us to help you grow and solve complex challenges.